Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sensory bin madness

I am going to try and do a new color every few weeks as we need the visual reminder on our colors. I got the idea of color sensory bins from Counting Coconuts.

In this bin are a wide range of items that are blue. Buttons, saw, beads, bottle caps, eggs, Easter grass, scoop, cookie cutters, people, bread tags, blocks, glass beads, pompoms and more.

We just got our new order of books in and this one is Jada's favorite. I am so happy she loves it as she needs practice with her colors. It's a simple read and great picture book:) The book tied in very nicely with our sensory bin activity

Have you noticed the sensory bin craze on the blog world? I bet you have! Anyway I'm exhausted because I went a bit nuts and made the next 7 months worth of sensory bins!! I have some babies starting the daycare soon as I have one child going off to school and one moving out of province. So I will be crazy busy with our school day and taking care of babies. There won't be much time for making and planning sensory bins. They aren't finished because I need a few things to add to them. However, for the most part they are ready to go!

Here are some of the themes:

Birds, Colors (Jada needs a good practice), Desert, Hawaii, Canada Day, Flamingos , Ocean life, Harvest, Arctic life, Halloween, Camping, flower shop...

These are not in any particular order just as I remember them I wrote them down. Just wanted to let you all know that you will be seeing a few changes around here in the way I blog. First of all I'm sure you noticed that I change the theme of my blog weekly. Yup I get board very quickly so this will probably continue to happen lol. Another thing Is we are taking a break from Play dough, it just isn't as popular as it once was. I figure absence makes the heart grow fonder and we will try again in a few months. The biggest change will be that I am not going to post all of our activity trays each month but will continue to share a few special ones that are particularly exciting for Jada. As summer is getting closer we are outside more enjoying the fresh air and experiencing lots of other fun and educational things. :)

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The Neal Family said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! I just found your blog and I am enjoying using your fun stuff with my own daughter. Very creative and easily adaptable for us!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

These are great ideas. Do you tie them into books? That is what reading, exploring and learning is all about.

Andrea said...

OOps so sorry it's been a crazy few weeks I totally forgot to add the book. All fixed now:)

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Lovely! I am really looking forward to seeing all of the other sensory ideas too. Thanks for linking this up to It's Playtime!

Messy Kids said...

I think it's great you've put together you sensory bin ideas ahead of time. This blue one is great for teaching colors! Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime.

Rachele @ Messy Kids

Rachel said...

I love how you have it themed on a color - and am totally impressed you have that many blue things lying about! Found you through It's Playtime

jfb57 said...

Hello! You've linked to the 100 Word Challenge! I'll move it for you. Thank you for linking

Michelle said...

Oh girls, you're really nailing sensory bins :)

Thanks for adding this post in last week's High paw! Hope to see you participate this week too!

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