Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Straw Painting

Straw Painting is an old favorite. It's raining here today so getting messy inside is in order.

Materials needed:
Paper, watered down paint, and a straw. I recommend teaching your child how to blow out the straw before beginning or your child will get a very unpleasant tasting surprise. Get your child to blow the paint around on the paper. Some pretty cool designs appear!

Boy did she get messy! The more messy the activity the more Jada loves it ha-ha

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Mama Pea Pod said...

I just posted this to my fb page


Tat said...

Looks like something my kids would absolutely love... not sure I am up to the cleaning afterwards.

IB Clever said...

Woww so much fun fun activity. She's so engrossed with the task, she's observing the paint and connecting it with her action...such learning.

Keep it up!!

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow said...

still have yet to try this here - I just don't have straws!! lol - next time I'm at McDonald's, I'll definitely have to remember to pick up a few extra! I love this messy idea!! :)

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

Messy Kids said...

Loved this idea so much I've included it on my weekly Do Something! posting.

Rachele @ Messy Kids

jenny said...

An oldie but definately a goodie! I love that you embrace the mess :)

http://livingatthewhiteheadszoo.blogspot.com/ said...

What a great mess. Looks like lots of fun. I'm afraid my guy would try to drink the paint.

Michelle said...

This is something I really have to give a try. Looks so fun!

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