Monday, May 30, 2011

Sensory Bin For June


Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and those who are Canadians at heart!!

Inside is: Dyed red noodles 2 different kinds, white rice and a fake maple leaf. So easy and I'm so happy our flag is so simple and easy to duplicate.

And If you have ever had a question you would love to ask a Canadian feel free! no matter how silly you think it is ask away. I will tell you this, we do not have snow 365 days of the year or polar bears in the backyard:) The funniest question I was asked was do you know so and so who lives in Halifax? I laughed so hard. Halifax area is huge!!! lol Anyway please ask as I have plenty of questions for all you Americans. For one do you really get crazy savings at the supermarket?

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flowering Snack

A delicious snack of Apple slices and peanut butter. This was the first time I introduced this combination to Jada and she gobbled it up in no time. I find it much easier to introduce new foods or combinations when she is super hungry.

Chowing down on a nutritious snack. I am making a conscious effort to stop buying things like goldfish, teddy grahams, animal crackers and string cheese. All of these snacks are super yummy but also super loaded in chemicals. In the next month I vow not to buy any of the above listed snacks and go all old school for snack time. Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homemade Canada Flag Pinata ~Tutorial~

This was so much fun to make I decided to show you how you can make one too. I made this without a pattern or before looking any tutorials up so please bare with me. It was really blind leading the blind with this activity but as you can see it turned out pretty great!

Both sides are different

First you will need to cover a box with tissue paper. I taped the open end shut really well before I wrapped in tissue paper.

Next I wrapped a sheet of white paper around the middle and secured with packing tape

Then I cut up little strips of red construction paper so we could tape them to the sides of the white paper.

It looks much cooler in person

We then taped a fake maple leaf to the middle on both sides.

You can notice one end of the box is a bit funny looking. This is the end that I had to tape shut. For some reason it came out like this???

Cut a small opening in the top of the box (shape of half a square). This is for filling the pinata with treats. I also cut a small hole to feed the rope through. I fed the other end of the rope through the hole for candy. Then I tied the rope in a knot.

Tape the opening closed once it is filled. Then just add some red and white streamers to the bottom of the box and throw a Canada day party!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Science ~Making Butter~

Making butter has been on my to do list with the children but I kept putting it off. Mostly because I wanted to wait until Jada was more trustworthy with glass jars. After completing the activity I highly recommend you use a plastic container as we cracked a jar even though we were all super careful not to drop it. My guess is that the marble cracked the glass?
To make butter you will need:
Heavy cream (we used whipping cream), pinch of salt, clean marble and a glass or plastic container. Pour your cream and salt into the container and drop in the marble. Then screw the lid on tight. Pass the container around the group of children and ask them to shake it.

After about 15 minutes you won't hear the marble rattling and this is how you know the butter is ready. There Will be some milk at the top and the butter at the bottom. Because we used whipping cream we just had butter when we took the lid off. If you go the heavy cream route drain off the butter milk and you should be left with yummy butter. Refrigerate for a few hours then spread onto crackers or warm bread. Will keep in refrigerator for 1 week

What ours looked like once the lid was removed

taste testing

seal of approval!

It's a little known fact that Jada is addicted to butter. We have found little finger prints in our butter dish and have caught Jada spooning gobs of butter and eating it right off the spoon yuck!!!! So this was the perfect activity for her:)

I used to make individual ones for my daycare group years ago by giving each child a baby food jar half full of the whipping cream. the children loved taking their's home to share with their family. I will definately have to do that next time. We just didn't have enough jars this time around.

The Snack Table Activity tray:
The butter tasted just like whipped butter minus the salt. We didn't add salt to the recipe as I try not to use salt as much as possible.
Working hard

I think the tongue is a dead giveaway that it was really yummy:)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pool Painting

Pool painting was such a treat on a beautiful SUNNY day! Finally after a month of rain we deserved something extra special to do outside.

Pool painting is just like marble painting but on a much larger scale. (Jada is in the pink hat that has swallowed her head LOL)
You can read about our Marble painting HERE

To do this activity you will need: a baby pool, paint, paper with tape on the back to stick to the bottom of the pool, a ball and some eager children.

This was by far one of the best activities we ever did.

I love that although the children range in age they all pulled together and enjoyed this group activity.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Flamingo Sensory Bin


Our pink flamingo sensory bin is very hard to photograph. So bare with me as I post different angles of the bin. What's inside: rice, pink dyed barley, blue rice for water, plastic flamingo toothpicks, plastic palm trees and plastic flamingos that are from a lego set.

I cut the stick part off of the toothpicks and added some to the "water" so they could swim and some to the pink and white rice mixture.

A closeup of the different flamingos in our bin.

This sensory bin was inspired by the Book Maybe we are Flamingos by: Safari Sue Thuzman

"Flora and Fernando are the wrong color for flamingos. They wonder what they could be until they discover becoming pink can take a year, and staying pink is due to their diet. At last relieved, they draw funny pictures of how they might look if they ate broccoli or blueberries." Quoted from Here

Adorable book a must read!

Updated pic of what the bin looked like after an hour of play:)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Watermelon Pinata

A small pinata for a change. Watermelon reminds me of summer so I made the watermelon pinata to lift my spirits in this 30 day rain here on the East Coast. Seriously this rain is getting so old!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Gadget Painting

Another rainy day here on the East cost! I feel like a duck. More messy fun to keep us occupied. I collected a bunch of gadgets from around the house to paint with. Pop bottle, potato masher, rubber mat and two dish scrubbers.

Jada was the most eager to try it all out

All smiles

This is where things got very messy. She was hitting the bottle on the paper so hard the paint was splattering everywhere

Another successful art experience:)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Butterfly Pinata

One of Jada's little friends is having a Birthday Party next month, and we have no idea what to get a child that has everything! I thought a useful homemade Pinata gift that she can use at her party would be appropriate. We will fill it before her party with some small toys and treats. I forgot to take a picture of the back but it's just covered with some purple tissue paper.
We made this out of a cardboard box, tape and party streamers. Oh and the middle part of the body is construction paper with pipe cleaners for antenna. You can see some of my other Pinata creations HERE

We hope the Birthday girl likes it:)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rainbow Pinata ~Tutorial

Rainbow Pinata

It has been raining here for almost a month straight! We would be happy to see a rainbow at this point. I made this by the seat of my pants and I am in no way an expert. If you see a step that could be left out by all means do it:)
I was going to buy a rainbow pinata for Jada's Birthday party in September but honestly I just couldn't shell out $20 for something that would be dystroyed in 5 minutes! So I made my own thinking it would be pretty easy HA! So I thought. The next one I make will be easier as now i know what to do.

First I made a arc out of two pieces of cardboard and taped them together.

Then I taped streamers on continuing the line under and over to the other side

Then I cut small strips of streamers and taped them on. I used this method below to tape them on.

I rolled long lines of duct tape like this
And stuck my small strips on that look like this:

Here is a look at my strips of tape

Once I had all my party streamer strips on I cut a flap into the top to put out treats in. I made 2 small holes for our string for hanging.

There is a ton of tape on this but I think 6 sugar hungry children will bust it open pretty easily:)

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