Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homemade Canada Flag Pinata ~Tutorial~

This was so much fun to make I decided to show you how you can make one too. I made this without a pattern or before looking any tutorials up so please bare with me. It was really blind leading the blind with this activity but as you can see it turned out pretty great!

Both sides are different

First you will need to cover a box with tissue paper. I taped the open end shut really well before I wrapped in tissue paper.

Next I wrapped a sheet of white paper around the middle and secured with packing tape

Then I cut up little strips of red construction paper so we could tape them to the sides of the white paper.

It looks much cooler in person

We then taped a fake maple leaf to the middle on both sides.

You can notice one end of the box is a bit funny looking. This is the end that I had to tape shut. For some reason it came out like this???

Cut a small opening in the top of the box (shape of half a square). This is for filling the pinata with treats. I also cut a small hole to feed the rope through. I fed the other end of the rope through the hole for candy. Then I tied the rope in a knot.

Tape the opening closed once it is filled. Then just add some red and white streamers to the bottom of the box and throw a Canada day party!

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Eva said...

nice! great idea :)

Justine said...

I love all the pinatas that you make! It makes me want to make one! : )

Holly said...

Cute! My kiddos would love a pinata for Canada Day this year!
Stay and Play

Stacie said...

I love this! It will be perfect when we study Canada!

Thanks for linking up!

AmieAnn said...

This is sooo adorable! It would also be a great idea for a Canada day pinata! Lots of fun at your house! Thanks for sharing!

Kelli- Adventurez said...

Our 4th of July - Independence Day is coming up- I think I'll try an American Flag! Thanks for the inspiration- :)

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