Monday, May 9, 2011

Tie- dye Butterfly

We did this last year too but we used water color paint this year we wanted to try something new.

To make this you will need a coffee filter, markers, eye dropper and small amount of water.

These markers were horrible for little hands to use. I got them at a discount store and the blue one was dried up! How that is possible when I just opened the package this morning is beyond me? Anyway they did the job but they weren't very enjoyable to use for the children because the top kept falling down.

First we colored the coffee filter. The more coloring the better.

Then ask your child to drip water onto the drawing with a eye dropper.

Another child's work

Once dry gather in the middle and secure with a pipe cleaner

You can tell which butterfly got more exposed with water. It still turned out pretty, just not as bright as the other.


Mama Pea Pod said...

Cute idea, Andrea! Do use washable markers for this or not?

Andrea said...

Oh yeas washable for sure! I only have washable markers and crayons in the house for obvious reasons. Jada just can't contain herself from scribbling on my walls otherwise

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