Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outdoor Water Play~ Sensory

It rained here most of the week. I know big surprise right! It always rains here it seems. Anyway, our backyard is a muddy mess and our baby pools were over flowing with rain water. We packed up our rubber ducks and headed outside for some sensory play in the water. In the pic above she was picking buttercups to add to the water.

Jada adding more "friends" to the pool

I actually dumped out a lot of the rain water as it was right to the brim

I think the buttercups look so pretty against the blue pool

We then started looking for more flowers to add to the water

I love all the bright colors. Jada and her friends had a great time playing in the pool and better yet it distracted them from fighting our the one puddle in the yard that they love to jump in lol

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welcome to our wonderland said...

playing in kiddie pools is so much fun :)

Mama Pea Pod said...

This looks like an activity my girls would love! Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play!

Angelique Felix said...

Wonderful how you used the rainwater as a very positive playing outdoor material!! Love it :)

Kate @ An Amazing Child said...

I miss warm rain. I never thought I would say that but even though it would rain for 6 weeks straight it was always so warm that we would play and play…

Now all we have is cold, cold wind that blows right through you….

So simple and so much fun. J just loved days like this :)

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