Monday, July 25, 2011

Trays for August

A closer look at sea shells and sea glass. I got most of these shells and glass in Cuba

Eye dropper water transfer onto bath clings

Spooning shells and sea glass

Pouring "sand" it's really salt

Pouring activites are Jada's favorite

Cleaning the conch shell is a perfect activity due to the layer of dust on it lol This Conch came from the Bahamas back in the 1940's/50's when my great Uncle was there with the Navy

I'm going to be honest here I just wasn't into putting these together as I'm not feeling that great. Daycare is only open for 2 weeks in August so I decided to just continue our Beach theme.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 Little Ducks SEnsory Bin~ August

A simple sensory bin as I am really busy and the daycare is only open for 2 weeks in August. We are getting ready for company and I'm so excited because my little brother is coming to visit! He hasn't been to the East coast in 20 plus years! Anyway I won't be around as much in August to blog but will stop in and visit everyone blogs:)

Inside is 3 different types of noodles dyed blue, rubber ducks, a wood scoop and lily pads I made and we are recycling from THIS pond life bin I made back in April. So happy that our pond life bin has had so many link backs:)
And our book the 5 little ducks:

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Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY Dryer Sheets

So after using my homemade laundry detergent for a few months I noticed that the fresh smell in my towels and clothes just wasn't lasting. I set out to find a way to make my own dryer sheets that I hoped would help with keeping that fresh smell to my laundry.
I googled and googled and googled until I got fed up and decided to use some of the ideas I found but make my own recipe.

First I cut some Flannel I had left over from making Jada's Rag Quilt. I made it 4 layers thick and sewed all around the edges. I just cut mine with pinking scissors so I didn't have to bind my ends. Then I mixed about 4 tbsp of my favorite fabric softener with 4 tbsp of water in a plastic container.

I mixed it well then put my flannel in to soak up the fabric softener mixture. I did not ring it out at all, I just took the container outside with me to hang up the flannel on the clothesline.

I let it naturally drip and dry for a few hours outside. I was lucky it was a windy and sunny day.

So there you have it, homemade dryer sheets that cost Penny's to make. Add one homemade dryer sheet to your dryer for up to 10 loads! Now that's savings! Better yet it solved my freshness issue with the homemade laundry detergent however did not solve the chemical issue:( I will still work on this. I found some lavender ones on Etsy but I'm not a lavender fan.

You can view my other homemade detergent tutorials HERE

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Laundry basket Pirate boat

Jada loves fishing, so I had to try laundry basket boat fishing when I saw it on House Of Baby Piranha.

Jada was even trying to cast by flipping the string over her head. The only problem with that was her magnet would stick to the metal pole that holds the flag lol

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The DR Is In

Sinse last weeks Snow Cone Shop was so well recieved by the children I put this Dr's play area together for this week.

The sign above says: The dr is in from 9 to 4 p.m. Walk ins welcome. Please have your health card ready.
I bought a Dr's kit from Zellers (soon to be named Target) it is a Parents brand. This kit is great as it comes with just about everything you need to have a Dr's office.

A closer look at all the tools

The eager patients waiting for the good doctor

The dr's uniform I bought at a yars sale 2 years ago. It is adorable!

The dr working at getting his Dr's kit ready for the first patient. This was another great Dramatic play area in which all the children enjoyed dressing up and taking turns being the Dr. They had some great pretend illnesses too such as "Dr I have purple spots" or " My belly has a puppy in it please take it out!" lol


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach ~Canada Day Long Weekend

It's been a crazy busy week so I'm just getting around to posting pics from last weekend. We started our long weekend by spending Friday and Saturday at the beach. Two different ones!

Gotta love nova Scotia sand! Don't get too jealous the water is freezing! Jada was trying to keep hold of all her shells in this pic

Jada, Daddy and Cooper

Jada giving me her Poopy lip because she wanted me to pick her up lol
We then when Strawberry picking on Saturday and made Jam on Saturday night. Jada only wanted to pick the green ones??

Fishing at a different beach. Not really the kind of place you would want to swim but we saw lots of boats

This is Jada's fish that she caught on her Dora fishing pole

Daddy wanted some time to fish without having a toddler threatening to jump off the Pier(thank god for the horse harness you can see her wearing in the pics) so I took her down to throw some rocks

We had a picnic by the sea. Nice and peaceful

Good til the last drop

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Trays for July

Besides Doing beach themed activities we will also be concentrating of self care. I mentioned before that I have 2 babies starting back to back so I need the older children to help me out. By helping me out i mean, take care of their self care to a degree such as teeth brushing, washing hands and face and cleaning up their own spills and crumbs.

I thought we would start with teeth brushing and when I found this crazy teeth chattering thing at the dollar store I immediately thought of allowing the children to use it to practice teeth brushing minus the toothpaste.

Next is face washing. So far the children are pretty good at this one but some need a bit more practice and patience with getting the whole job done.

This hair combing activity is more for Jada to practice as she hates when I comb her hair. So if she can do it herself it would save me a lot of grief lol

Cleaning up spills. I got the idea for this activity from HERE

And lastly pouring water between two jars and soaking up any spills with a sponge. I bought the e-book Montessori At Home and it has so many great ideas, links, pictures and info. I can't wait to be able sit down and read it cover to cover but so far I got the sponge soaking up spills idea from there.

I have a bunch of beach themed trays too but I'm feeling lazy and my blogger picture upload isn't working the best. I will try to upload them with next months trays.

I am also revamping our classroom so we can have a place to keep trays out all the time. Right now I just bring them out in the mornings during drop off. I would like to have a space that the children can go get them when they want. So far I haven't found anything that works because I will have small babies that would get into the chocking hazard trays. So that's no good. I MAY have found a solution but I won't be able to get it all together until possibly September. So please stay tuned or please comment with some ideas:)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Beach Sensory Bin

Welcome to the beach!

Recycled blue rice from our Pond life bin, bath toys (fish, crab and turtle), a scoop, shells from Cuba, peg people (who are sun bathing), umbrella and wood peletts. I didn't want sand in the house so the peletts were a good subsitute.

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