Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach ~Canada Day Long Weekend

It's been a crazy busy week so I'm just getting around to posting pics from last weekend. We started our long weekend by spending Friday and Saturday at the beach. Two different ones!

Gotta love nova Scotia sand! Don't get too jealous the water is freezing! Jada was trying to keep hold of all her shells in this pic

Jada, Daddy and Cooper

Jada giving me her Poopy lip because she wanted me to pick her up lol
We then when Strawberry picking on Saturday and made Jam on Saturday night. Jada only wanted to pick the green ones??

Fishing at a different beach. Not really the kind of place you would want to swim but we saw lots of boats

This is Jada's fish that she caught on her Dora fishing pole

Daddy wanted some time to fish without having a toddler threatening to jump off the Pier(thank god for the horse harness you can see her wearing in the pics) so I took her down to throw some rocks

We had a picnic by the sea. Nice and peaceful

Good til the last drop

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Michelle said...

Oh, now that looks absolutely delightful!!!

Mama Pea Pod said...

Hmmmm, we went to the beach too, but apparently not the same one - at ours it was too foggy to see the sea!

BTW where did you go strawberry picking, we really want to go but I don't know where.

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