Monday, July 4, 2011

Trays for July

Besides Doing beach themed activities we will also be concentrating of self care. I mentioned before that I have 2 babies starting back to back so I need the older children to help me out. By helping me out i mean, take care of their self care to a degree such as teeth brushing, washing hands and face and cleaning up their own spills and crumbs.

I thought we would start with teeth brushing and when I found this crazy teeth chattering thing at the dollar store I immediately thought of allowing the children to use it to practice teeth brushing minus the toothpaste.

Next is face washing. So far the children are pretty good at this one but some need a bit more practice and patience with getting the whole job done.

This hair combing activity is more for Jada to practice as she hates when I comb her hair. So if she can do it herself it would save me a lot of grief lol

Cleaning up spills. I got the idea for this activity from HERE

And lastly pouring water between two jars and soaking up any spills with a sponge. I bought the e-book Montessori At Home and it has so many great ideas, links, pictures and info. I can't wait to be able sit down and read it cover to cover but so far I got the sponge soaking up spills idea from there.

I have a bunch of beach themed trays too but I'm feeling lazy and my blogger picture upload isn't working the best. I will try to upload them with next months trays.

I am also revamping our classroom so we can have a place to keep trays out all the time. Right now I just bring them out in the mornings during drop off. I would like to have a space that the children can go get them when they want. So far I haven't found anything that works because I will have small babies that would get into the chocking hazard trays. So that's no good. I MAY have found a solution but I won't be able to get it all together until possibly September. So please stay tuned or please comment with some ideas:)

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Michelle said...

I Love the tooth brushing one! Excellent idea!

Justine said...

This is fantastic! They are such important skills to learn! I need to start trying some of this stuff with my little guy!

Terri said...

Great ideas! My girls could benefit from all of these.

Could you place the trays in a place that the older kids could reach, but not the babies? And perhaps have a designated area (maybe a rug) for playing with the small items. It would be easier to keep the babies away and keep track of all the small items if you knew exactly where they would be.

Jessie said...

Omg I so love the teeth one! I've got to do that with Lawson! I'll probably never find a that teeth chattering thing though lol

Deb Chitwood said...

Great self-care trays! It's a wonderful time to place extra emphasis on self-care when you'll have more little ones around. I'd love to feature your post and a photo in my activity of the week if I get your permission to use your photo/s. Please check my post to see if there's a photo permission you're willing to give. Thanks! Deb @

Deb Chitwood said...

Thanks so much for giving me permission to use your photos! I featured your post and photo of your tooth brushing tray at

Michelle said...

He, he, he! Teeth are cute! ;)

So much very valuable lessons about taking care about yourself and environment! Thanks for adding this post to last week's High paw!

Deb Chitwood said...

I love revisiting this! I featured your tooth-brushing-tray photo in my Montessori-Inspired Activities for Care of Self at

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