Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Christmas Crafting

I know we do this activity every year but it's so much fun and it smells so yummy in here!

Apple sauce Cinnamon ornaments are a favorite around here. You can dress them up or keep the simple. We even put one in our car as a air freshener.

My big girl is 3. Wow how did that happen?

Cutting around the cookie cutter

I just can't believe how much has changed in her abilities in one year!

These will dry in no time thanks to this:
We converted from our pelette stove to wood last year and boy are we happy with the heat it produces.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready for baby boy

I am now 24 weeks pregnant! I can't believe after 2 losses it's really happening. We are finally going to have the second baby we dreamed of. I have a few finishing touches on baby boy's room to do and a few more items to buy such as the above diaper bag I finally decided on. I had my favorites list a mile long with different links to diaper bags and really I just wanted something big enough for two kids and not look like a diaper bag. So etsy won yet again. Can't wait to get it:) Another victory in this house is we now have a usable attic. Before we had this tiny opening in our closet that a person could not get into, so hubby took me seriously when I showed him all the Christmas stuff that needed to find a new home, because our last guest room is now for baby boy. Hubby bought a attic kit and it opens with pull down stairs. I tell you these days it's the little victories that make my day! on a bad note my less than year old camera is in for repair yet again grrr. Guess I will concentrate on my new attic to keep me happy:)
Also I am finished Christmas shopping but need to put up my Christmas tree. I will post pictures of our paper free Christmas to keep me accountable and follow through. I think I'm on the right track just a few more tags to make:)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puzzle Piece Wreath

If you follow my blog you already know I do a lot of activities that involve puzzle pieces. Well today feels like a great day to do some Christmas crafting with Jada as it's snowing hard!

I made the round shape with hot glue and puzzle pieces. We were lucky this puzzle had lots of green pieces so no need to paint first.

Jada made tons of these. I think she is a craft hog like her mama lol

They turned out so pretty:) I had the vision of adding a nice red bow but Jada vetoed that idea

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Homemade Gift~Picture Coasters

Each year I take a picture of Jada with a Santa hat on in the same chair. I actually do it for all the daycare children and put the picture in their portfolios so each year we can see how much they have changed. Anyway this year we got doubles printed and made coasters for the children's mom and dad. So simple and it was very quick to do.

So I turned this picture into....

First I gathered all of this stuff. Mod podge, 4x4 tile from the hardware store, ruler, paint brush, pen and scissors.

I cut my picture slightly smaller than the tile. I then spread a layer of mod podge on the tile and stuck the picture to the tile.

Then I waited a few hours for it to dry.

Then I painted a layer of mod podge over the picture and let fully dry. I then repeated this step 3 times.

When dry it looks like this:

Then the last step was to hot glue some felt to the corners on the back of the tile. This is so the tile does not scratch your coffee table when you use it. I tested it and it works great!

So there you have a cute, quick and cheap gift to give for Christmas. In our case we are keeping it. I plan t make this each year so after a few years we have a nice collection of Christmas coasters and pictures of our children's progress.

In all I spent: 33cents for one tile, I think 40 cents for the picture, and the rest of the materials I already had on hand. So 73 cents was spent on this one coaster:)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The $7 recycled Christmas Gift

I got this cradle from a yard sale for $7. It's solid pine! There is nothing wrong with it at all:)
I bought a doll quilt and pillow from Etsy even though I was hesitant to purchase from here but wow did she come through. She mailed it the day I bought it and it came in 5 days to Canada from the U.S.! Trust be that is a record! I buy lots of stuff from the U.S. and it always takes at least 3 weeks.

The quality of the fabrics is super and the workmanship is perfect! And may I just say the price was more than fair!

Anyway this is for Jada for Christmas. The doll she got last year I just stuck it in there for the sake of the picture:)

She is going to flip out when she sees this! Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frosty the Snowman Kit

Last year I bought a small snowman kit from our local grocery store. I thought the use of recycled film canisters was a great idea! they just have cloth glued to the tops to look like buttons.

I decided this year to add gloves, another hat, ear muffs, another scarf and two corn cob pipes that I bought off eBay.

It all fits nicely inside the hat but once little people start taking things out of the closet5 the hat gets upset and everything spills out. I Saw a gorgeous bag on Pinterest but I just don't have the time to emboss to I dug out the paints and painted on a quick snowman face onto a cloth gift bag I made last year.


Face drying on the patio

And everything stuffed inside:) can't wait for some snow to try it all out:)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jada's Big Girl Room

I love seeing little kids rooms so I can get some ideas from others. I tried google searches but didn't find very much out there so I thought I would post my own design. So Jada's room is finally clean enough to take some pictures lol. Can't wait til she takes pride in keeping her room tidy!

Her room is a eclectic mix of all sorts of different textiles and wood finishes. I refuse to buy a bedroom set that's all matchy-match just so she can ruin and then out grow it.

Jada's first year in pictures. We are doing the same for baby boy in his room

Jada's room is very small compared to baby boy's but it's cozy and has everything she needs:)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spicing Up Outdoor Play~Shoe Shop

So I have been meaning to set up a shoe shop for many months now but was discouraged by the low light we get in the daycare it makes my pictures horrible. So today was a beautiful sunny outside day so I decided today was the day to try out an outdoor shoe shop.

All Shoes are 50% off reads the sign at the cash register:)

Checking out all the different shoes that are for sale. Jada recognized some of her shoes right away as well as shoes I had packed away for her to use next year

She spied the Dora rubber boots right off the bat. She liked them so much she traded in her blue flower boots for the pink Dora ones:)

"See mom they fit" I have a feeling she would have crammed her foot in there regardless if they fit just because they had Dora on them:)

Jada checking out the boxes and discovering they are empty lol

Trying on my hubby's big winter boots. He decided quickly that they were too big!

Funny how he paid for the boots even though they didn't fit ha-ha!!!!!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Boys Room In Progress

So little by little we are getting babies room ready. My little helper has been very eager to help. These pictures were taken at night so they are pretty dark, sorry.

And with the crib pulled back into place. I still need a crib skirt but I'm finding it hard to find one sold without the bumpers and comforter.

The stink station. I am only showing some pictures of the room as all of our Christmas stuff is on the spare bed and huge boxes stacked in the middle of the room.

My little helper got carried away with the circles to they need to be adjusted. This is babies one year of photo's wall. Jada has the same thing and she loves to look at all the pictures and see how she has changed so much.

So stay tuned for more developments. If you have your babies room pictures online please send me the link as I love looking at nursery pictures:)

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