Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas advent calendar

Our 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar for this year. Jada also has a book advent and a chocolate advent so I thought 12 days for this one was more than enough.

I followed the tutorial for this from Whimsy Love (link at bottom of post) I sent my poor hubby all over town looking for the coin prize vending machines. We finally found one at Walmart. I did order more from Ebay and Etsy so I can make some for my niece. These kind of remind me of fishing bobbies lol

Inside each one is a sticker, small chocolate or piece of paper that has an activity on it such as, go for a walk to see some Christmas lights, paint a winter picture, read some Christmas books etc

I tried to make my snowmen a bit different so I used crinkle cut scissors to cut the felt nose and gave them some rosie cheeks. And I used fabric paint for the eyes and mouth for a 3D effect

I totally borrowed this idea from Whimsy Love. I first saw it pinned on Pinterest and followed the link to her blog where I fell in love with her super cute and genius idea of a vending machine capsule snowman advent calendar. This is her adorable advent garland:
Thanks so much Whimsy Love for the best Advent idea ever! My little girl is so excited for December 12th:)
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