Saturday, November 19, 2011

The $7 recycled Christmas Gift

I got this cradle from a yard sale for $7. It's solid pine! There is nothing wrong with it at all:)
I bought a doll quilt and pillow from Etsy even though I was hesitant to purchase from here but wow did she come through. She mailed it the day I bought it and it came in 5 days to Canada from the U.S.! Trust be that is a record! I buy lots of stuff from the U.S. and it always takes at least 3 weeks.

The quality of the fabrics is super and the workmanship is perfect! And may I just say the price was more than fair!

Anyway this is for Jada for Christmas. The doll she got last year I just stuck it in there for the sake of the picture:)

She is going to flip out when she sees this! Thanks for looking:)

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