Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cloth diapering

So with Jada I tried cloth diapers but I only gave it a half a$#ed attempt so this time around I'm going all out. After the first few weeks we will be cloth diapering 100% of the time eeeekkkkkk!!! So I decided to stalk up on some fun and funky fabrics that are way too adorable not to use.

First I went on Etsy and bought some doubler's:

These sit fleece side up against baby's bum. This is mostly for night time for extra absorption.

Another fun print for a doubler:

This is a insert. This is what soaks up the brunt of the wetness

The backs of these two are hemp that is supposed to be "the best for absorption" I guess we will see

Such fun prints. I hope this will keep me motivated to keep cloth diapering

And I bought a few fun printed all one size cloth diapers:

Baby boy is going to be very stylish! I even stalked up on Rockin green to rid the diapers of the stinkies that are bound to happen due to the ammonia in our urine. I have put Jada in a few of these diapers at night and they work wonderful. However, I have one bamboo insert and it stunk horribly after one use. Any advice on the use of bamboo?

And some diaper pail liners and a wet bag for travel

So it seems the more children I have the more crunchy granola I get lol I am actually thinking I might breast feed baby boy, something that did NOT interest me with Jada. So if anyone has any advice on either cloth diapering or breast feeding please comment as I would so appreciated it:)


Miss Courtney said...

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful bonding experience. It's also way easier than traveling with formula--all you need is you! I would suggest reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and getting someone to help you one on one or over the phone just in case. We had some trouble at the beginning, but my mom and her b.f.f. were the biggest help.

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

For breastfeeding: the hospital should have a lactation consultant, go ahead, ask question. Oh, and stock up on pads, I know I leak like crazy! I made literally 40 sets for myself, then I scaled it down to 24 by selling them online. I figured it out and by using the re-usable pads I'll be saving AT LEAST $80. But don't get those ones they give out with the coupon and the slings, my girlfriend had gotten some, and she said that they pilled up and the pillies stuck to her. Yeah, not so fun.
And for cloth diapering: Especially when they wear them at night, the first thing I do in the morning is rinse them out, then it doesn't get all ammonia-ie. Plus, the first few weeks of cloth diapering are the hardest, once you find your groove, you'll begin to absolutely LOVE them. (especially as you don't have to go to the store and drop lots of money on diapers every month!) Plus, there is a lot of support online, just ask yahoo or jeeves, or whatever search engine you use a question about whatever problem you're having and there should be LOTS of answers, but remember, every person cloth diapers differently, (yeah, some people don't remember that and can be very rude) and not everything works for everyone. Like my cloth diaper washing routine doesn't work for a friend of mine, she lives in a different town and her water and washer are different and that ends up making everything different.

Andrea said...

Thank you both ladies for your advice. I'm sure I will be back asking a ton of questions! I'm more nervous about BF'ing then cloth diapering. The only thing that annoys me about cloth diapering is babies clothes don't fit that well because the diaper is so big:(

Kristi M. said...

I breastfed as long as my body would allow (for 6 months) with both my boys and the experience was so different with both. My oldest had the toughest time and then eventually got it. I asked lots of questions and had tons of help from nurses and lactation consultants in the hospital. If you don't like the way one person is helping you, ask for someone else. That's what I did. With my second, he got it and did well. Don't give up. The reality is that it will hurt at first. Eventually you do get used to it. I loved my Lansinoh cream. That stuff was a lifesaver for me. It does make feeding baby easier, it is cheaper and it is a great bonding moment. Something else I remember with both of them was that I hit my wall at that last feeding of the morning (6-7am) since I was the only one up the entire night for obvious reasons. I pumped milk for my husband to feed the baby or was desperate and supplemented with formula so I could get a little extra sleep. It worked for him because he was getting up for work anyway and he got a little quiet, bonding time with baby. Just something that kept me a little more sane.

Tracy said...

I wish I had tried cloths diapers with the kiddos! Especially all these new (and cute!) ones they have now!
I did breastfeed both C & A...C only made it 4 months. We had a little trouble at the beginning with getting latched properly, but we both got the hang of it. Unfortunately, for reasons that are really unknowned to me, it just didn't last very long with her. She just preferred the bottle. A lasted about 7 or 8 months and I was ready to be done with him aroudn 5 or 6, but we couldn't get him to take a bottle! lol But I will is definitely cheaper than formula...and there is no equipment that comes with it! My best advice is to do what feels right for you. If you try it for a bit and it just doesn't feel right or isn't working out for either you or babe than move on. (And I know some people will think I am horrible for saying this...) I just feel like there is no need to be stressed out about it when you should just be enjoying your baby. And as long as he's getting fed than everyone should be happy!

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