Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready for baby boy

I am now 24 weeks pregnant! I can't believe after 2 losses it's really happening. We are finally going to have the second baby we dreamed of. I have a few finishing touches on baby boy's room to do and a few more items to buy such as the above diaper bag I finally decided on. I had my favorites list a mile long with different links to diaper bags and really I just wanted something big enough for two kids and not look like a diaper bag. So etsy won yet again. Can't wait to get it:) Another victory in this house is we now have a usable attic. Before we had this tiny opening in our closet that a person could not get into, so hubby took me seriously when I showed him all the Christmas stuff that needed to find a new home, because our last guest room is now for baby boy. Hubby bought a attic kit and it opens with pull down stairs. I tell you these days it's the little victories that make my day! on a bad note my less than year old camera is in for repair yet again grrr. Guess I will concentrate on my new attic to keep me happy:)
Also I am finished Christmas shopping but need to put up my Christmas tree. I will post pictures of our paper free Christmas to keep me accountable and follow through. I think I'm on the right track just a few more tags to make:)

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Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Hooray for baby boy! I can't believe you have so much done. Usually I'm all prepared super early (and I am with this one for the most part) but people always think I'm super crazy for having everything ready months before the baby comes. Nice to know I'm not the only one who prepares early.

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