Monday, November 21, 2011

Homemade Gift~Picture Coasters

Each year I take a picture of Jada with a Santa hat on in the same chair. I actually do it for all the daycare children and put the picture in their portfolios so each year we can see how much they have changed. Anyway this year we got doubles printed and made coasters for the children's mom and dad. So simple and it was very quick to do.

So I turned this picture into....

First I gathered all of this stuff. Mod podge, 4x4 tile from the hardware store, ruler, paint brush, pen and scissors.

I cut my picture slightly smaller than the tile. I then spread a layer of mod podge on the tile and stuck the picture to the tile.

Then I waited a few hours for it to dry.

Then I painted a layer of mod podge over the picture and let fully dry. I then repeated this step 3 times.

When dry it looks like this:

Then the last step was to hot glue some felt to the corners on the back of the tile. This is so the tile does not scratch your coffee table when you use it. I tested it and it works great!

So there you have a cute, quick and cheap gift to give for Christmas. In our case we are keeping it. I plan t make this each year so after a few years we have a nice collection of Christmas coasters and pictures of our children's progress.

In all I spent: 33cents for one tile, I think 40 cents for the picture, and the rest of the materials I already had on hand. So 73 cents was spent on this one coaster:)

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