Monday, December 19, 2011

big boy space

Hi everyone. I'm doing a bit of planning for baby boys room. I plan to design his room so he can grow with it. Thank god for Pinterest as I found a ton of ideas. also Etsy was a huge help as well, but let's face it I'm not made of money especially since my maternity leave is coming up. so I have to do this carefully and on the cheap! First I wanted to search things to make from wood pallets as we have access to tons if them. You will see a few pics below of some really cool ideas.

I am so in love with the above picture. Everything about it screams my name as it is so my style. The bedding, the headboard, the vinyl decal. Oh boy so in love !I love the idea of this decal on a pallet headboard in red. I guess I should mention that baby boy's room will go from a owl outdoor theme to a rustic roughing it camping theme

I would like to incorporate some canoe paddles too

And beware of bears while camping is a good idea too. I had to ask my dad if he could find this sign in Alberta because they have bear problems and we don't here in N.S. so we can't buy them at our local store. Of course I could buy one off Etsy or Ebay but they want way too much for them. So fingers crossed my dad can find one.
More paddles. I just love the colors!
I love this little saying
And how clever is this? A wagon full of books!
Another headboard
So in this pic I love the bedding, side table and that beautiful aqua wall shelf
And yes more paddles. I have to admit my hubby finished the headboard today and he gave me a lot of grief over the toxic chemicles wood pallets have sprayed all over them. I mean yes he has a good point we don't want to make our boy sick! so the good hubby that he is he sanded and sanded until he hit bare wood. Now in theory you would think it would look really rustic, right? wrong! it just looked like pine with nail holes in it. So I found a can of stain forgotten in the back of the closet and used a rag to apply it. It looks really cool and it's safe for the boy to sleep in as #1 hubby sanded all the treated parts away and #2 the stain would seal in any bit that were missed.

Anywhoooooo pics to come after I find all the coordinating bits. I have a comforter ordered and it's nothing like the ones posted but it will work with his pale green walls.


Michelle said...

I LOVE the wagon with books :-)

Anonymous said...

I have also seen Paddles used to hold up drapes. Looks really nice if your drapes have loops at the top that just slid over the the handle, the the paddle is hung over the window. (Hope that makes sense, cause it looks really nice.)

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