Friday, December 30, 2011

January Sensory Bin~ Monkey Business

Monkey see Monkey do? for sure when it comes to these toddlers Ha-ha

This months sensory bin is all about monkeys and inspired by 5 little monkeys sitting in a tree book. See below for details. Inside the bin: Corn kernels, monkeys, alphabet pasta, bananas and vintage palm trees. Oh and some plastic tweezers for picking out letters and a plastic formula scoop.

Now as for the book:

This is a very engaging book for toddlers and preschoolers due to the repetitive verses and sing song sentences. We love all of the 5 little monkey book series. I think we own just about all of them:)
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Leptir (NataĊĦa) said...

Hi! I have a little blog award for you :) Check it out:

Happy holidays :)

Nicole said...

I love your sensory bin!! I am always looking for new ideas for our sensory bins. Thanks for sharing!

Mama Of Many Blessings

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

I love this sensory bin! My Boogie loves monkeys so we will have to put this on our list of bins to try. Thanks so much for sharing it at WOTT this week!

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