Monday, January 30, 2012

February Trays

You can view last years Valentine trays HERE

Some oldies but goodies along with some newbies
Math: Counting
Button heart snake
Matching knitted hearts
Tweezing heart gemsSkewer pushing
Water bead spooning

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We Can Do All Things said...

Great ideas!

Carine said...

I like all your activities! Did you do the knitted heart? so cute!

Jenifer Harrod said...

I like activities like these. They are very creative and fun for making memories.

Happyscrapper42 said...

SO many valentine's activities. We are still finishing up winter. I better get on the ball and get some valentines things going on. Thanks for sharing (The water beads are very pretty).

Trina said...

I love your trays! Visiting from What's on the Tray Wed. I am planning 2 weeks of Valentine's Day and plan to do your counting activity with heart erasers next week. Thanks for sharing!

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

I want to make a button heart snake but haven't gotten around to it yet. Like Trina, I am planning on two weeks of Valentine activities, so maybe next week. Thanks for linking up to WOTT!

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