Thursday, February 23, 2012

March Tray Work

This Month's tray work is mixture of St.Patrick's day and everyday life skills. Since I will be gone for most of the month I won't be here to change out the trays and I don't think my substitute is familiar with preparing trays.
Anyway it's not like I'm going far as I live here too;) IT has it's pros and cons trust me lol

pushing shamrock coins into a bottle

Skewer pushing

Magnet page from Making learning fun

Shamrock transfer

Open and close bin

This is something new for us. The children love building with a wide variety of blocks so i though we would give bottle caps a try. And if I'm lucky they will sort and compare as well.

Paint chip cutting

And a sneak peak of our manipulative/ tray work area. Ignore all the sweaters in the rocking chair. The little table is for tray work but the children are free to take the trays to the bigger tables in the room.

Left to right: reading centre with a cd player for books on tape, our Ikea stand for tray work, t.v.. puzzles, small blocks, abacus etc. As I get braver I will share more of our two room classroom:)

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Maureen said...

I love the open and close tray - what a great idea. I can imagine children would love that.

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

Awesome trays as always! I haven't started preparing our St. Patrick's Day stuff yet. I need to start planning! I have ideas for the sensory bin. That is one of my favorite things to plan. Your post was the most viewed at WOTT this week! Thanks for linking up!

Deb Chitwood said...

Great activities ... and how nice that you're prepared for March with your exciting times ahead! I featured your St. Patrick's Day posts and your photo of pushing shamrock coins into a bottle in my Montessori-Inspired St. Patrick's Day Activities at

emily kate said...

Love the shamrock coins idea! I've got a bunch of those coins leftover from the leprechaun gold busy bag we did so I'm going to hurry and whip one of these up for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

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