Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Capes

Hi all! I wanted to share our super capes with you all. I saw these on Pinterest but my friend Jessie over at Play Create Explore made some adorable ones as well. I made mine a bit different especially around the neck. You see, my kids like to pull on the back of each others shirts and sometimes choke each other. So I cut the neck and used Velcro to hold them closed. Much safer for my kids

I went to a secondhand shop and tried to find as many t-shirts that have a logo that seemed Super Powerish lol Amazingly I found 6 pretty cool ones. Some are doubles but that's o.k.

The kids adore the capes and it only took a few minutes to cut them out of large men's t-shirts. Thanks for looking and please see my sidebar for all the great blogs I link up to:)

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