Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just stopping by to say hello

Sorry I have been M.I.A. life alone with a toddler and newborn has challenging. I have wanted to blog but time has not been on my side. Here are some pictures that will update what we have been up to:) oh and I will be back with a post about our sensory bin

The things mommy does when Gage is asleep lol
Out for some fresh air. Mommy trying to loose those pesky 50 lbs from pregnancy and 30 from pre pregnancy!
So far lost 30 lbs. Baby wearing helps burn calories:) So does lots and lots of breastfeeding. Oh and Weight Watchers helps too
My little Easter bunnies
Another outdoor shotEaster morning
Borrowed Grampies tie for this pic and peed and pooed on it
Jada's new playhouse from Costco via Easter bunnyCan you believe she had a nasty stomach bug in this pic? no? me neither. Very strange bug indeed
The dirtiest kid on the playground. Jada plays hard!

First time in a swing. He ended up falling asleep
Showing off his cloth diaper. Thanks for looking:)


Miss Courtney said...

Beautiful MT, mama! I've been thinking about trying our wrap conversion out to see if I can handle my big boy when he gets tired on hikes for the summer. We haven't used it since last summer!

Jessie said...

LOVE all the pictures...Gage is so cute! Congrats on the weight loss, thats awesome! and I literally laughed out loud about grandpa's tie..and now laughing again! lololol! Jada is getting SO big!

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