Monday, June 11, 2012

Pirate Shipwreck

So thanks to Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates we have a wee obsession with Pirates around here. I found it really hard to find pirate stuff at the dollar store which is strange because everywhere you look in N.S. every summer is pirates this and that. So I made my own peg pirates (girl and boy) and searched Etsy and bought a wood pirate from Armadillo dreams.
Now whats in the bin?
Rice as filler to look like white sand, wood gold coins, parrots, red X marks the spot, blue anchor, foam sponge shapes, palm trees, treasure chest, homemade Jolly Rodger flag and a fake pearl bracelet. I might add some silver dollars to the bin later

Our favorite book for our pirate theme is How I Became A Pirate by
Melinda Long and David Shannon. This book teaches you how to speak pirate and takes you along on a great sea voyage adventure.
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