Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes we still do trays :-)

Hello again,
We took a long break from Montessori trays as my ideas were trying up and I felt burnt out. Now that Gage is two I see lots of opportunities that I was missing out on to extend his learning during those sensitive periods. So I put together some oldies (new to Gage) and some new trays and we will start exploring these tomorrow. Such a nice day we are doing some sensory bins outside. So here they are, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also that little doorbell house with keys from Melissa and Doug toys is AWESOME!

Gage turns 2~ John Deere birthday

Hi strangers,
I have been trying to upload pics to make a new post but blogger would not cooperate with my computer. So thanks to the invention of apps for IPad I am now able to post :-) I stole (borrowed) some of the decoration ideas from Pinterest. However, the links did not work (hate when the happens) anyway here is my big girl Jada Raine now 5.5 and Gage Cortland now 2. P.s. He always has a dirty face :s must be a boy thing

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