Monday, March 16, 2015

Big Moves and a Diagnosis

Hi bloggers,
wow its been forever since i blogged! mostly because i had a hard time posting from my iPad.
lots has happened over the past year, we moved to a much better location and i started home schooling at night. I know that sounds strange so let me explain, Jada was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and adhd. The school system where we live do not have services to provide help with dyslexia as of yet. She still goes to public school during the day and at night i teach her the sight words she is so far behind on because she can't read in text. She sees things in pictures then translates them to text, if that makes since. I suppose this could be called tutoring or what not but Jada likes the term home schooling. If you have a 6 year old you know how particular they can be about labelling events, for example we can no longer say babysitter, we have to say kid sitter lol
I googled my heart out on how to help a child with dyslexia, talked to our psychologist, speech therapist etc. we were recommended to sign her up for a free tutor school that specializes in Dyslexia but unfortunately its a 2 year wait list :( she is also starting the lips program (Lindamood) with her SLP next week.
I came across a wonderful tool in my google searches called and she is also on youtube as dyslexiamom. On her site she linked to and we have been night home schooling with it ever since. review days takes 15 to 20 minutes while new material days takes 40 min. We then have review and reading nights as well. It all depends on Jada's energy level and what extra curricular activities she has that night. Jada went from knowing 4 words to 30 words in a months time.  I do not get paid for endorsing there picture me reading program in any form. I am just sharing what works for us and i hope it will help someone out there reading this. I would love suggestions from you lovely readers :)
 The white board is up too far i know. It has been moved since this picture was taken :-)
We have little note pads sitting around in almost every room to promote spontaneous drawing and printing or math problems. So far Math does not seem to be a problem. I found this little note on my bedside table. 

I will post tomorrow the set up we have. Our lower level is where i do daycare however, Jada sees this area as a "baby class"  and mommy gets tired of being down there after a 11 hour day. So we are set up in our dining room and so far so good. The only problem is it can get very loud with a 3 year old and husband horsing around. hopefully once the spring hits the boy and dad can go outside during schooling times.
I hope you have all been well and i promise to update tomorrow with more pictures.

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