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"Homeschool" materials for Dyslexia

In this post you will see the materials that have changed how Jada sees written text. The way I decided to teach Jada is not based on any recommendations by any psychologist or physician but based on the teaching philosophy of Picture me reading. I of course had to change and tweak the program a bit to accommodate Jada's learning style. That being said, I hope things improve in the future where she can learn strategies to decode words. However, at this point we do not have access to such programs as i posted in previous post. We are on the wait list for a private tutor school that teaches the Orton Gillingham program. I have more research to do but i hope to find the program privately. That's a whole other post tho...
So let's get started. First once again, this is a program from www.picturemereading.com and i am not getting any endorsements by posting my opinions of this program.

You will get cards that are the  Dolch sight words in the 5 groups: Pre-primer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. I laminated mine and put each section on a binder ring. There are multiple ways to organize the cards and suggestions come in the pack with full instructions.  one side is the word made into a picturegraph such as "up". once your child gets used to associating the picture with the word you then flip the card over as pictured below to the plain word "up".

Now it all depends on your child's level of dyslexia as to how fast they commit the picture words to memory. For us it took a few days and we only started with the words in the pictures above. I bought this handy table top pocket folder at scholastic as well as the hand pointer. Jada enjoys things that are as hands on as possible so the pointer was a great tool. Sometimes the pointer can be a distraction so at those times i put the pointer away and she has to earn it back by focusing on the task at hand. This has been a learning curve with the ADHD.  We spend about 15 minutes on learning new words and other nights around 10 minutes for review. Some nights we opt to review our words in a game format that i will post at a later date.
I also bought a booklet from picture me reading that helps you use the sight word levels to read common books that are mostly made up of sight words. A good example is: Are you my mother by Dr.Seuss
I bought this copy at a good will store so i didn't feel so bad highlighting all the words in the book that pertained to the section of sight words we are working on.  As she gets used to the next section of sight words I will go back and highlight more words. I also bought a smaller version of the pointer for this book but i couldn't find it for this picture.  It's exactly the same as the one pictured but smaller and one end is a pen.
After googling books based on sight words and visiting the library I had a really hard time finding levelled readers that were compatible with the pre-primer word list. I was frustrated and sad and felt stuck because we weren't quite finished learning all the pre-primer section. One late night I decided to just google " Dolch sight words"and  according to Wikipedia the best books for Pre primer is the old books from your childhood such as: Dick and Jane. I went back to the library and they only had a few of the Dick and Jane series. I then searched for the series on Chapters.ca and there they were all in their levelled reading glory! At $4.97 a pop it was a good find.

I also asked Jada's teacher for the very basic first reader books and she sent me a stack. I will have to ask her where she bought them from. With Jada we only read a few pages of a book a night or she will read a few and I will finish the story. I find I have to make it a game or she flat out refuses to read with me.

Now to backtrack a bit to the picture me reading cards. You are probably wondering how on earth I am going to teach all those nouns? Picture me reading has a booklet that has some examples of pictures to go with nouns such as boy, tree, shark, apple, cake, snow, Santa etc.
Since Easter is close I went ahead and made my own picturegraphs based on the frequent words around this Holiday. Also common words used at school over the next few weeks. I bought these lined cards from Scholastic as well as sentence strips. I'm no artist but you get the point ;)
When we first found out Jada was dyslexic i felt lost and has no idea where to turn or start. We are still in limo with what to do with her at school until the psychologist meets with them and gives her recommendations. We found out on valentines day and I knew the faster we get started on something, anything at all, the better her school life would be. I need to send out a huge thank you to www.dyslexiaroad.com because if she had not have posted about picture me reading on YouTube, where she linked her blog I would still be a miserable mess not knowing where to turn. 
She has great resources posted on her blog with other great tips such as huge white boards, auto books etc.
well dear readers I must go get our lesson plan started. I will update as I find more resources to help Jada.
Do you have ideas on apps or websites for interactive games for Dyslexic students? have a tip to share? I would love to hear them!
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible. 

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