Sunday, April 5, 2015

Trusting the Process

I'm all over the map on emotions and walk around in a daze of confusion. I wonder if that's what it feels like to be dyslexic? I haven't blogged in a bit because I was feeling really irritated by the lack of help in our area for kids with dyslexia. I called around to different agencies, schools, tutors, dr.'s etc. Its been very frustrating and draining emotionally. We continue to plow through each day and try to stay on top of her reading words while making the process fun to keep Jada's attention. I picked up Ron Davis's book The gift of Learning. Although I don't agree with his methods I do find him interesting and for a brief moment was willing to pay $3000 to have Jada in his program for 2 weeks, with the promise we would see quick results. Odds are if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! anyway, One thing i took away from his book was practicing making the alphabet out of clay. Since Jada is highly tactile and creative (most dyslexics are) I figured I would incorporate this into a lesson

Apparently 'N' is not a letter according to Jada. she had to start at A and sing the alphabet each time to figure out what the next letter was to make. Once we got past N this was a challenge for her as "n" is "not a letter". By the end of making both upper and lower case letters she finally acknowledged that "n" was indeed in the alphabet.
 This is us "resetting" Jada. This sounds strange but we have to give her something messy but fun every 3 days or we end up with our bathroom painted in soap or toilet paper soup in our bathtub. Her ADHD responds well to our "resetting". If I forget a day it comes back to bite me in a bad way. I learned this through trial and error and on a whim decided to give it a try and it worked! as a parent we have to figure things out for ourselves as to how to calm our little ones. Jada is currently still not medicated and its been very challenging. Going to the mall sets her off into a tail spin and she pretty near climbs the walls. Food courts make her puke and car rides bore her to tears. We hope and pray she gets some medication and some relief soon.

A bit of a update is that by dumb luck I found a tutor school I never heard of by talking to another agency about my son that turned into a convo about Jada. See, dumb luck. Anyway I called the tutor school and they teach Orton Gillingham! I cried, literally when the lady said Orton Gillingham was their primary teaching method. I have googled tutor schools in my area and this one never came up. The free tutor school has a 2 year wait list so finding this one was a huge relief. The lady is even opening the centre on a Saturday just for us! I guess when you pay big bucks for a program doors literally open for you lol with all that said I finally feel a bit of peace knowing that once she starts with the tutor program she will be in good hands. I have researched the heck out of OG and feel very good about the success rate of their students. There are some great youtube videos on OG. I wish I could find some personal blogs about other families journeys with Dyslexia. Google has not been my friend lately in this department.

 So our week looks like this:
Monday- Lindamood Bell 30 min
Tuesday- Swimming for ADHD kids 45 min
Wednesday- Girl Guides (sparks) 60 min
Thursday- Free
Friday- Usually a bday party or play date
Satrurday-  Dyslexic tutor (Orton Gillingham) 60 min
Sunday- play date

Here is Jada at her special needs swimming
Thanks for reading. I hope this post helps someone someday. It's so strange that there isn't a manual on what to do after you get a diagnosis. If she had a life threatening disease the medical community would be all over this. Parents are left in a frustrating position of finding resources to help their children with no government help or support. In the United States there are so many centres and tutors and supports for dyslexic students, according to my research anyway. In Canada it's hard to find good supports or anyone to coach you on what to do next.
Happy Easter dear readers!

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