Saturday, January 30, 2016

Branch sensory sticks

Recently I put together a sensory writing tray, we were using recycled wood coloured pencils as our writing tools. When I went to clean the tray after we finished there was a lot of pencil marks all over the tray. I thought hey, wouldn't it be great to have a pencil with no led of Color. I looked our pencils over and they looked just like tree branches but with coloured led in them. I remembered my daughter playing in the snow the other day and she was using a branch to drag along the snow to make tracks. The aha moment! I found the branch and took one small portion off. Then I cut using a chop saw to my desired lengths. 

Then I used a sharp knife and began chipping away till I got to the point that they resembled a pencil. 
Problem solved no more coloured pencil marks on our tray and best part it was free! Took about 15 min from start to finish to make 4. I may dress them up a bit with twine or paint on the handles. 

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