Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pin poking tray work

Thanks to living Montessori now who posted about pin poking on her blog I decided to give it a try with G.

Thanks to Living Montessori Now for her post about pin poking I decided to give it a try with G.  I don't have the proper pin poke and tried to find one in Canada but couldn't find any, I decided to give a toothpick and a cork a try.  In the future I think I will just use a thumb tack or a super sized thumb tack. I searched Pinterest and that seems to be what a lot of people are using for this lesson. So the goal of this activity is to poke holes along the black lines close together so the shape will break away from the paper.

He enjoyed this activity a lot until the toothpick broke, so we didn't get to the final stage of actually releasing the heart from the paper.  I will pick up some new thumb tacks tonight so we can finish tonight.

Thanks For looking and I appreciate all your comments

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