Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Letter A

So Little G is really struggling learning his alphabet visually and phonetically. I decided to dedicate the next 26 weeks to one of the 26 letters. I have been searching Pinterest boards, google etc. I came to find These pouches from Montessori Ici. I'm not so sure I will have time to make them but they are definitely on my DIY list of things to make this year. I think the thought of doing up 26 is daunting.

This is where the pouches would come in handy. After we are finished this week I would like to have somewhere to keep this set so he can go back and visit it whenever he wants.  In the basket is a Aeroplane, alligator, anchor, apple a letter A and a card with a ant on it with the lower case a.

did find This awesome free Lego cards from Wildflower ramblings.  Now my kid loves Lego evident by the number of Lego I find in the sofa and in his bed. This just might do it! Now this boy would only learn his colours by using dinky cars in a bag. As he pulled them out we recited the colours. Fingers crossed her enjoys them as much as I think he will.

Play dough A sheet. He can trace the A with the play dough and stamp the play dough with the A cookie cutter.
Our handy dandy button page from Making learning fun

I wanted to buy a sandpaper Alphabet set but my goodness its expensive! I ended up browsing Michael's craft store and found these rectangle pine pieces and sticker embellishments that have a really cool texture. 

This week we are using the A with our salt tracing tray

Next is tracing and printing A's on the chalkboard. Tracing with a paint brush and water. We have done this activity before but on construction paper with paint. You can see the post HERE

And our Magnetic Leap Frog Phonics Farm. Luckily i managed to fins a magnetic tray. I like that he can hear the letter sound and what the name for A is.

I also have a pin poking activity ready to go but i will update later this week when I introduce these trays.
Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments.

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