Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rainbow Pinata ~Tutorial

Rainbow Pinata

It has been raining here for almost a month straight! We would be happy to see a rainbow at this point. I made this by the seat of my pants and I am in no way an expert. If you see a step that could be left out by all means do it:)
I was going to buy a rainbow pinata for Jada's Birthday party in September but honestly I just couldn't shell out $20 for something that would be dystroyed in 5 minutes! So I made my own thinking it would be pretty easy HA! So I thought. The next one I make will be easier as now i know what to do.

First I made a arc out of two pieces of cardboard and taped them together.

Then I taped streamers on continuing the line under and over to the other side

Then I cut small strips of streamers and taped them on. I used this method below to tape them on.

I rolled long lines of duct tape like this
And stuck my small strips on that look like this:

Here is a look at my strips of tape

Once I had all my party streamer strips on I cut a flap into the top to put out treats in. I made 2 small holes for our string for hanging.

There is a ton of tape on this but I think 6 sugar hungry children will bust it open pretty easily:)

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Mara said...

What a beautiful pinatas! You did a very good job! and the colors are great, where did you find it? I made a pinata myself for my son's birthday party last weekend and I didn't find to many colors.

Andrea said...

Mara i got my party streamers at the great canadian dollar store in dartmouth. What pinaya theme did u do??

Mara said...

One was with a ballet slippers (this was for a friend) and another with lightening Mcqueen (for my son) and last year I made for my daughter a Hello Kitty. As you see I love pinatas! I'm from Mexico!!

Andrea said...

I would love to see them. I bet u have a much better tutorial than mine. If you have it on the net please share

Lorie said...

I love it!!!

Christine @ Pure Joy Events said...

Enter your tutorial into our Party Tutorial Contest for a chance to win some fabulous prizes totaling over $200 (!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful information. BTW we pool the candy into a big bowl,and let the kids divvy it up into goody-bags. This way everyone gets one of everything, the kids learn that about sharing, and it keeps them busy an extra half-hour or so!


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